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How to host a website in 2020 (complete guide)

How to host a website in 2020 (complete guide)

Hosting websites on the internet is not an easy task. But it has come a long way. And it is becoming easier and easier day by day. but still, there are somethings which make it difficult for you to host a website on the internet.


In the old days, we would need things like FTP,  which is very difficult to use for a beginner. But in today's step by step guide, I will share with you the best and easy ways to host a website in 2020.


Best ways to host a website in 2020


Get a domain name, you will need a domain name for your website. a domain name is the identity of your website. we use as a domain name of our website.



domain search SEO hostcry



Get a domain name that helps in SEO


1. Get a domain name identical to your niche.


2. Keep your domain name length between 15 characters or less.


3. Your domain name should be easy to read.


4. Your domain name should be easy to remember.


5. Choose a .com domain name if you can. You can also choose an extension that is relevant to your niche. Like .games for games related websites.


So now you've selected a domain name. where will you go on finding the best and cheap place to get a domain name. worry not I have everything covered for you. just go to and search for your domain name. fingers crossed your domain name is available it is really hard to find a domain name that is actually available there are also some premium domains that you can get but they are not cheap. you can get a premium domain names from $200 to 2 million dolors. so the question is.


Is it worth buying a premium domain name?


It all depends on your site and the traffic you are looking for. if you want very high traffic to your website and an identical domain name that everyone knows and everyone is heard of. yes of course buy a premium domain name can help a lot. you might even have to do nothing when it comes to SEO and yeah SEO is hard in 2020. and buying a premium domain name can bring in free traffic to your website.


But for a lot of websites, it is easy to find a regular domain name which "nobody has bought yet". just buy that domain name from


Okay, so now you have the domain name what next you need a web hosting to host your website. so first the question should be.



hostcry servers


What is web hosting?


Web hosting is a computer (servers) or a bunch of computers (servers) where you host your website and these computers are running 24/7, so whenever you are trying to open a website you actually send requests to these servers and they show you the website. typically these servers are in a place called data center which is running your website.


Buying a web hosting or server?

So if you want to host a website eighter you can buy a server and manage it on your on you will have to pay for electricity and management of the server which is very expensive and unless you have a really big website with millions of people visiting your website on daily basis like you don't really need a server at your own location.


What is VPS?

VPS or virtual private servers are computers located in data centers typically run by web hosting providers and you can rent out these servers. but still, if you are just starting your website you don't actually need a VPS. you can buy a shared hosting.


What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is nothing but a VPS where lots of websites are hosted at the start when you don't have lots of traffic you can use shared hosting. what web hosting providers do is they have a VPS where they rent out different spaces to different people so many people are shared a VPS is called shared hosting.


Do you actually need a VPS?

So if you are just starting out you don't actually need a VPS, a good shared hosting can handle 7 to 12 k users per day. so if you have more traffic then that your site might actually feel slow. then only you will ever need a VPS.


What is good shared hosting?

Good shared hosting must-have.

1. Unlimited Bandwidth.


2. cPanel


3. Email accounts


4. Good 24/7 support


5. 1 click WordPress Installation.


6. Cheap Price.


1. Unlimited Bandwidth (what is bandwidth)?

Bandwidth is nothing but a data transfer rate between the user and a computer higher the number the better. if your bandwidth is low your site will be slowed down, and higher the users slower the speed of your website.


2. What is cPanel?

cPanel is actually the pice of software that you will ever need to host a website. its graphical interface makes hosting websites way easier than before with the lots of scripts to install with only one click like WordPress.


3. What is email accounts hosting

If you want a professional email account you will need email hosting. let's say you have a domain name called and your name is john now your email should be which will impact on good user experience and conversion rate.


4. 1 click WordPress installation

1 click WordPress installation is exactly as it sounds. your shared hosting should have one-click WordPress installation availability.


5. Cheap Price

Finding the best web hosting with the best price is actually a very difficult task. but I have everything covered for you if you want all of these things with the best price we have the best prices on the planet you won't find a better deal. has the best prices and packages on the planet just compare our prices with any other companies on the planet. our prices start from just 1$ a month. you will get all of these things in just 1$.


wasting money on hosting


Don't waste your money.

At Hostcry we tell people to not waste their hard-earned money. big companies are scamming people they are charging more then they should be. if they are charging more then 1$ for these services they are probably scamming you. just see our packages and get the best one for you.




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How to upload a website?



So now you've purchased a hosting plan and you want to host a website. you will need just 3 things.

1. Website.


2. 7zip


3. cPanel


1. Website

You Should have a website in your local storage (computer). if you don't know how to make a website just let me know in the comments below so I can make a tutorial about that as well.


2. 7zip

7zip is free software that you will need to compress your website files. you can download 7zip for Windows and Linux just go to and download according to your operating system. and just follow the instructions.


3. cPanel

If you buy web hosting from Hostcry you will get cPanel on all of our packages. and if you purchased web hosting from another company just make sure that they are giving you cPanel with it, most of them do.


How to compress the website for cPanel?

Just right click on your website folder, there you will see a 7-Zip option ( that you have just installed on your computer ) hover on that you will see a new list just click on "add to archive" at the top.


open 7-zip to host a website in 2020


Add to Archive


There you will see a new window just select an active format to "tar" and click okay.!


7zip to host website on hostcry in 2020


Now your website should be compressed and ready to host and upload on cPanel.


Go to your cPanel. if you have bought web hosting from hostcry your cPanel address will be and if you've bought web hosting from another web hosting company ask them for your cPanel address you probably have a cPanel address on your email and username and password as well.


File Manager

When you log in to cPanel you will see a lot of options available to you. just click on "File Manager".


host website cPanel of hostcry


Open folder named WWW

just open a folder named "www" on your cPanel. and click on the upload button located in the top navigation bar.


Select your file to upload

just drop or select the file you've just compressed. and your website is uploaded. now you need to extract your file in the directory just go back to "www" directory and write click on "your-website" and you will see extract option just click on it.

extract website to upload


After extracting your website you are done with hosting your website and it was the easiest method to host a website in 2020.


How to link a domain to Hosting.

just go to your domain provider website and click on domain settings. there you will see Management Tools click on it and you will find nameservers and click on "use custom nameservers" and set nameservers of your hosting.

Hostcry nameservers are:

After changing your name servers it can take up to 2 days to fully link domain to your website but in some cases, it can just take a few hours.


Website Hosted

So your new site is hosted congratulations. just visit and Walah..!!! your site is live. you can start by telling your friends about it.


Quick Question:

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