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#1 Web Hosting in Pakistan

#1 Web Hosting in Pakistan

So you are looking for web hosting in Pakistan but when you search on the internet about the best web hosting in Pakistan you get expensive rates, bad support and packages are not quite what you are looking for. 

How to identify the best web hosting in Pakistan:

There are certain things that you should look for while searching for the best web hosting in Pakistan.

  • Cheap Rates.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Payment options for Pakistan.
  • Premium Features.
  • 1 Click script installer.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Free Trial.

cheap rates balance between server and money

Cheap Rates:

One of the most important things of web hosting is the rates because if you are just starting your business and have a low budget you cannot go with the expensive web hostings. Your hosting price should have a zero impact on your business. and the price should be low and the quality should be good. you should find a balance between money and quality

for example, if a web hosting provider charging you more then 100 PKR or $1 for 1 domain, 5gb storage, and unlimited bandwidth you should run away from them as soon as possible, we here at give all of these things for just 100 PKR or $1 so just signup now at the cheapest hosting possible on the planet.


hostcry 24/7 support


24/7 support:

Your hosting providers should give 24/7 support where ever you stuck while working on your website they should help you out fast on just 1 message or call. they should help you in every step of the way. even if you call or message them at night they should solve your problem right away. without wasting your time.


Payment options for Pakistan:

If you are buying hosting from Pakistani web hosting companies you should look for Pakistani payment solutions like Easypaisa, jazz cash, or bank transfer. they should also offer card payment.

easypesa payment for hostcry    bank transfer


Premium Features:

Your hosting providers should give you premium features at the same price. premium features like cPanel, 1 Click script installs Free SSL certificates. unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited disk space. for a lifetime for all accounts. 24/7 support. gives you all this and much more just for 100 PKR or $1 In Pakistan.


1 Click script installer:

Your web Hosting Providers In Pakistan should give you 1 click script installer. you should be able to install WordPress, forums, shops, photo galleries with just 1 mouse click.

web hosting in Pakistan money back guarantee

30 days money-back guarantee:

History provides the 30 days money-back guarantee if you buy hosting from and for some reason you want don't want to get the best the cheap web hosting in Pakistan you will get 30 days money-back guarantee you can refund every rupee in just 1 message or call.


Free Trial:

Hostcry provides a free trial to its customers if you are not sure about the plan you can always ask for a free trial. the trial can be of 3 to 30 days depending on your package. if you want to get a free trial of 3 to 30 days just send us an email at or you can also WhatsApp at 03135638173.


Let's Compare Pakistani Web Hosting Companies:

Site That we will be looking at:



Basic Plan:

basic plan chart for web hosting companies in Pakistan. as you can clearly see that how they are looting people please don't waste your money on these robbers just go with best prices ever and great support. no-body in their right mind would buy hosting from these robbers.


web hosting in Pakistan compression

Just go to Hostcry plans.


Other Companies are looting in the same way:


web hosting comparesion

Just go to Hostcry plans.


Unlimited Features:

Of course, you can think about how much they must be looting people on their other plans as well. I don't want to give a bad reputation about other companies because they also provide good services but they should be charging less and they should not be looting people. 

web hosting in Pakistan unlimited features


So stop wasting your money and get unlimited web hosting in Pakistan from

Different Types of Web Hosting:

Free Web Hosting:

Free Web hosting is good for just testing your website on the internet and playing around with it unless you want to do any kind of professional work you need to pay for it. Free web hosting can be slow, It can have ads on the website from the web hosting providers.

Shared Hosting:

According to Quora shared hosting can handle 1.5 to 2k traffic per hour. which best for any kind of website if you have a blog or any other business-related website shared hosting can help you no problem. if you want to buy shared hosting just go to our hosting plans where you will find the best prices.

"In Shared Hosting you and other people who have a shared hosting account actually sharing the hosting".


Dedicated Server Hosting:

You don't need a dedicated server unless you have 4 times the traffic of shared hosting can handle. so unless you reach very high traffic you don't really need a dedicated server. a dedicated server gives the user more control over the server because it is soles rented by a single company or person.


Virtual Private Server: 

It's actually in Middle of the dedicated server and shared hosting it is for people who want more control over the server but don't really need a dedicated server. So when you are building a big application where you need a lot of control over the server then you actually need a VPS.


Our Web Hosting Plans:

If you want people to see your website on the internet just signup with any of these packages and we will take care from there. you don't really need to do anything from there. we are #1 web hosting providers in Pakistan and the planet. if you have just one website and you are just starting out just get our starter plan for just 99 PKR a month. and if you have more then 1 website then you can go to our professional plan. which can handle 20 websites with no problem. and if you want to go further and want to get everything unlimited just get the Advance plan.

Starter Plan

1 domain
5000 MB Raid-5 web data storage
Unlimited web bandwidth transfer
cPanel hosting
1 click WordPress install
Get It Now



Rs.299 Or $3 USD / Month
20 domains
Unlimited Pure SSD web data storage
cPanel hosting
1 click WordPress install
Get It Now



Rs.450 Or $5 USD / Month
Unlimited domains
unlimited Pure SSD web data storage
Unlimited web bandwidth transfer
cPanel hosting
1 click WordPress install
Get It Now


#1 Web Hosting Company in Pakistan: is the number 1 hosting company in Pakistan we are selling hosting since 2018 and we have been getting love from our clients since then. join us now and get the best cheap hosting provides in Pakistan. provides Server in India, US, Australia depending on customer's queries. if you want to get visitors from Asia specifically Pakistan and India. Indian servers will be the best choice because the website speed will increase when the server is closest.

Hostcry provides the best packages within the country and outside of the country, you can get unlimited websites, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space. just from the hostcry. Your website developed in PHP, javascript, HTML, CSS can be uploaded with no problem. we give our users cPanel best web hosting control panel and really cheap rates. you can use the MySQL database with PHPMyAdmin with no problem.

So What are you waiting for? just grab the best deal from the best web hosting provides in Pakistan.



hostcry cheap web hosting company in Pakistan

Yes, Just Stop wasting your money and get cheap rates from hostcry don't give your hard-earned money to these looters.


Full-Featured and Cheap hosting In Pakistan:

Hostcry has a full Featured web hosting, when you get a plan from hostcry you will get the following features.

  1. CPanel
  2. Web Scripts
  3. PHP Version
  4. Cheap Rates
  5. 24/7 Support
  6. Site Migration
  7. SSD Storage
  8. Free SSL

And the list goes on.



When You get web hosting from hostcry you will get cPanel because it is the most popular and simply the best it makes managing a website much easier. not every web hosting provider is giving cPanel, they use some other control panel tools. because cPanel license is expensive than others. but hostcry is giving you cPanel for free with any package.


Web Scripts:

Hostcry offers 1 click scripts installation there are a lot of scripts that you can install including e-commerce, cart, WordPress, and a lot of others. really you can't go wrong when you get a package with us.


PHP Version:

You will Get All of the PHP versions when you buy hosting from and you can choose the version you want or your app requires.  really its that simple. 


Cheap Rates:

Of course, its no doubt that the Hostcry offers the cheapest rates in the world but a lot of people think its because our service is not good. "Expensive is not always good, and cheap is not always bad". we are not cheap others are expensive.


24/7 Support:

As you know Hostcry has the cheapest rates in the world, and hostcry support is always there to help you with any problem that you come across. any time day and night and we are always making our services more cheap and secure with the best support that you can get.


Site Migration:

When you get a plan with hostcry or you move from another web hosting provider we offer free site migration. you just need to sign up and select a package and leave everything to us.


SSD Storage:

SSD storage is faster then harddisk. All of our servers have SSD storage and we give SSD storage on every package. even if you are buying our starter plan of Rs 99.


Free SSL:

if your site is not protected with SSL browsers will show error like this.


SSL error site not secure


And lots of web hosting providers charging a lot of money for SSL, but at hostcry, you will get free SSL for a lifetime. and hostcry offers similar other packages like this. but others will rip you off. so what are you waiting for just sign up today at


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