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Cheap Domains in Pakistan


Cheap Domains in Pakistan

Setting up your website on the internet could not be done without having a domain name and hosting. People often get confused between the words, URL, and domain. To your easiness, we can explain that a domain name is a representation of your website while the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is the exact location of your website on the internet. Choosing the perfect domain names for your website is not an easy task to do. You have to search for a number of domain name providers to get some cheap domains in Pakistan.


A URL could be divided into three parts, a world-wide-web, domain name, and the extension.


Decision-taking among domain sellers:

To make your decision process easier, we are sharing with you some of the web hosting companies that sell domain names. The comparison of other web hosting companies with our site will reveal, which is the cheap domain seller in Pakistan. The internet is just loaded with the domain sellers and it includes Hostcry, Hostinpk, Websouls, Serversea, and PakHost.


The Internet will suggest you a lot:

The internet always suggests you buying domain names from those web companies that are trusted, reliable, and working for years but it’s not a bad idea to trust some new domain name sellers who are putting utmost efforts in making your internet journey easiest and successful. Here, we will discuss a few, in comparison with our web hosting, Hostcry.




Pak Host web hosting company can provide you with a domain name at a price of $9.99 USD per year. The rate is also the same for the transfer and renewal of the domain. The prices change with the difference in extensions like .com, .net, .org, .xyz. and .biz.



Web souls is also a Pakistan web hosting company that also sells domain names. Different extensions are available for domain names and they are providing domain names to people with an extension of .com, on a price of $9.99 or 1450 Pkr.



HostinPK provides people with a wide range of domain names and a lot of domain extensions. You can search for any domain name with the extension of your choice. While the rates of this domain seller are a bit high. The company sells a domain name with an extension .com, in 12 dollar USD.



Serversea is also counted among the top web hosting companies and people are registering their domain names on this site. The company sells an average domain name with an extension of .com, on 10.99 dollar USD. However, they offer you a free domain name if you purchase any of their shared hosting plans.



Here comes a better option for all of you! Hostcry is also considered as the top web hosting and domain seller company that is the cheapest and reliable. We are providing you with the domains at the cheapest rates and the best support. We are best known for our rates and working to continuously improving our company for 3 years. If you want to search for a reliable company to get either the domain name or web hosting, HostCry will be the first one to be considered. We are selling the domain name at only 299Pkr per year with the top domains.



Comparison of HostCry with the other Domain Seller Companies:

There are a lot of factors to consider that help HostCry to stand above all the other web hosting companies. Some of the major factors would be covered here.


  1. Cheap rates:

We have already described that the HostCry is the cheapest domain name seller along with the best quality. We are providing people with different extensions at a reasonable price with the extra features. The cheap rates doesn’t mean that there is a compromise on quality. We just fulfill our mission to provide Pakistanis with the best quality at a minimum cost.


  1. Simple configuration process:

The configuration process of the domain name through the HostCry web hosting company is just simple. A new website owner can do it him/herself easily. However, in comparison with the other domain name sellers, the process can also become complicated for the new owners. Although, HoctCry offers you the easiest way to do all that.


  1. Easy purchase process:

As far as the purchase process is concerned, the HostCry web hosting company provides people with the easiest way to purchase a domain. The method is so simple and easy to understand for everyone. You just have to get an idea about your domain name, search it on their search bar, and purchase it. We are offering each and every way to do the payment. We accept all the Pakistani payment options so no one has to worry about all that.


  1. Dashboard for the prices of different extensions:

The preference for extensions is different for every person, just in accordance with the business niche. It is understood that the different extensions have different prices. In this regard, the user always wants to have a dashboard to see the prices of all domain name extensions and the HostCry company is providing you with all. You can have a look at prices and it will make the domain purchasing process easier for you. This feature makes the hosting company stand above all the other hosting companies.


  1. Strong reputation:

Online reputation is an essential factor for every business. The business owner should have to manage their online reputation in order to get more and more clients. In this regard, HostCry has a strong online reputation that is a plus point for this hosting company. Before going to purchase a domain name from this domain seller, you don’t have to worry anymore. Just go ahead and purchase a domain of your choice, that suits your business and its goals.


  1. Quality customer service:

HostCry is offering you the best customer service that includes quality and 24/7 support. The customers need this always to get the answers to their questions. The support system is also there to get feedback about our purchasing process from their clients. You can always give your feedback so that we can improve our strategies and selling process.



Process of purchasing a domain name:

People think that the purchasing process of a domain name and setting it is never easy but it is just a perception. You would not even know that it’s just simple. There are some points that you can follow to purchase a domain name.


Get an idea:

Getting a perfect idea is the first thing to do before purchasing a domain name. Think about some suitable names for your business that are just according to your business’ goals.


Search for the domain name:

The next step is to search for your ideal domain name in the search bar of the HostCry web hosting company. You have to check that is it available or not? Finally, you will get the answer.


Payment options:

The HostCry web hosting company is offering every Pakistani payment option (PayPal, EasyPesa, Visa master cards, bank transfer). So, you do not need to worry about this thing. Just choose your payment option and pay for the domain name of your choice. The registration would be done this way. The domain is now, yours.


Transferring domain:

Some people also want to transfer the domain to the other web hosting sites. If you want to do this thing then it’s just easy. You can transfer your domain name at the cheap rates through our company.


Renewing domain:

You will also need to review the domain name. This could also be done at the lowest cost available through our cheapest domain name providers in Pakistan. You will never get the same rate and the same quality from any other domain name provider.


Domain Pricing:

In the market, hosting companies are getting extra fees and prices just to loot the people but we always care for our customers. That’s why we are providing people with the domain names at the cheapest rates in Pakistan.



Here it’s the time to conclude. The HostCry web hosting company is the best and cheapest domain provider in Pakistan. We are providing quality to our customers in each and every manner. Just go ahead and purchase the cheap domain in Pakistan. You will never regret this decision. Even if you have a domain name, transfer it to our company. It’s never too late to begin in the right way. You can visit our site and make a decision.


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