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How To Backup Your Website Using JETBACKUP in cPanel

How To Backup Your Website Using JETBACKUP in cPanel


Having the ability to backup your website is amazing, you might mess up and want to backup your website, hostcry offers the ability to backup your website using jetbackups. a jet backup is an amazing tool that you can you to back up your entire site. 



What JetBackup offers:


Using Jet backup you will have the ability to Full account backup, Files Backup Cron  Job backup, DNS Zone backup, Database backup, and Email Backup.


jetbackup in cpanel



Backup Your Website Using JetBackup:


To backup your website using jetbackup you need to log in to your Cpanel, once you log in to your Cpanel account find jetbackup panel in your Cpanel. or alternatively you can search for jetbackup in your Cpanel at the top right corner



When you find jetbakup panel just click on your desired backup.


full account backup


you can see I have 4 dates for full account backup, just choose any date that you want to restore the backup from. alternatively, you can download the backup by clicking on generate download button.



How to Download Backup Using Jetbackup:


To Download backup using jetbackup click on the "Generate Download" button in your Full account backup next to the restore button.

download backup using jetbackup

It will ask you to add the download to the queue, add it to the queue once you are ready you can download it.

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