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How To Create Email Account In cPanel

How To Create Email Account In cPanel


Emails are essential for any business type these days, without emails you have no identity online. by default, you will have no email account set up in your CPanel account. you will need to set up an email account yourself.

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create email account In cPanel.


  1. Login to your CPanel account.


log in to your cPanel account


2. Find the email panel in your Cpanel account

Then Find Emal Panel in your Cpanel account.


email panel in cpanel


alternatively, you can search for email in your Cpanel.


email search in cpanel


3. Click on the email account option.


email account option


4. Find +create Button on the right-hand side


create email account


5. On this page Enter the Information To Create an email account


enter credentials to create email


  • First, select the domain you wish to create email on,
  • Enter Your Username for the email account.
  • Enter Your Password for the email account (alternatively, you can click on the generate button to generate the password).



Your email is created successfully. now that you've created your email account. you can log in to your email account by logging into Cpanel then going to the email account option.

and find the check email button. alternatively, you can log in to your email account by typing in the browser URL section.

check email button



How To Add Email To Your Gmail Account


  1. In Your Email, accounts find Connect Devices for your desired email address.


connect devices to your email account


2. Find the credentials to connect your email account.


credentials for email account


3. Log in to your Gmail account.

4. Find the settings icon in your Gmail account on the right-hand side.


settings icon in gmail account


5. Click on See All Settings.


see all settings in gmail


6. click on the Account And Import Button.


account and import button in your gmail account


7. Find Add another email address Button.


add another email account button


8. Enter the Username and Email that you want to connect to.


username and email you want to connect


9. Enter the credentials that you found in step 2.


credentials found in step 2


  • The SMTP server will look something like
  • The Username will be the same as your email account.
  • Enter Password that you choose for your email account.


10. Click Add Account.


11. Verify your email account.

You will receive an email with a verification link. you can either click on the link to verify your account or you can enter the code to verify.


verify email account


Your email is verified and added to your Gmail account.

Did this article helped you? or do you have any questions about How To Create an Email Account In cPanel let me know in the comments below.

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