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How to add addon domain in cPanel

How to add addon domain in cPanel


The addon domain feature in cPanel allows you to add additional domains in hostcry cPanel, These addon domains will be a separate website on your account. in this step-by-step article, you'll learn how to install addon domain in cPanel.


How to register a domain name:

To host additional domains in hostcry cPanel you need to register your domain name first.



1: Visit Hostcry cheap domains section.

And search for your desired domain name.



search for domain name



2: Complete The Registration Form.


3: Click Continue.


How to setup addon domain in Cpanel:


1: Login into your cPanel account:


2: Find the domain section and click on addon domain:



addon domain



3: Enter the domain you would like to add.

4: Subdomain and Document Root will be auto-generated, and they are recommended.

5: Click on Add Domain.



enter domain information


6: You can also create FTP with the domain name (Optional).


You can also create new email accounts for the domain name if you need any help in the process you can open a ticket with or you can simply write your problem in the comments below.

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