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What Exactly is a Managed Server?

What Exactly is a Managed Server?

What Exactly is a Managed Server?

A web server is a crucial component in owning a website. It’s vital for making your site live and accessible to the public.

Since the 90′s, the Internet’s big onset, servers have evolved. There are many variations available to meet the expanding needs of website owners. Most people by now are familiar with or have at least heard about ‘shared hosting’ and ‘dedicated servers‘, and along with those also exist the ‘managed servers’.


Dedicated Servers Offer More Security and Flexibility

The dedicated servers, when you compare them to shared servers, are used by one individual website exclusively. This has become the preference of many of your large corporations and companies, who want the control, can afford it, and need the security that dedicated servers can provide. They have reliability, flexibility, and great security. But they are more expensive than their counterparts.


Choose the Best Managed Server Company

Whenever a company selects the dedicated server option, they have complete control over all the hardware and software for their whole entire system. They can choose to have this server managed by a hosting provider for their long-term maintenance, which is known as having a ‘managed dedicated server‘.

This kind of management of the dedicated system is usually offered as a simple ‘add-on’ service, which is supplied by the hosting company. When companies choose this option, they can still choose what operating system they use, as well as the hardware and the software, but these things, will be owned by their provider. Their support is given to them through an agreement. This agreement exists between the hosting firm and the company.


Managed Servers Provide Round the Clock Support

Managed dedicated servers will be maintained by the system administrators, and they work full time around the clock. They take responsibility for keeping the operating system updated, the software updated, providing firewall services, backup services, and having advanced systems in place for phone support, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, database management, technical support, security audits, security scans, and the overall management of all advanced configurations. All these services get bundled into the same package that comes with the server.


The Benefits of a Managed Dedicated Server

There is a big major benefit of having a managed dedicated system. Companies can aim their focus at the more immediate aspects of their businesses and let the administrative things be taken care of by their provider. With a full team handling all the management aspects of your server, then companies can stay ‘productive focused’ and push their companies ahead.


As mentioned before, security is a big plus and benefit. It’s guaranteed when managed by dedicated servers. The hosting provider will usually implement very stringent security measures, ensuring that the valuable data is stored safely on that network. By using advanced software programs and advanced scanning systems, hackers and spammers are kept at bay. Things like Worms and Trojans also are dealt with head-on to ensure the safety of these servers.

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